FPS-Required Training

FPS-Required Training

Tri-Annual FPS Basic Security Officer Training

Every three years, PSOs are required to receive 40-hours of Basic Security Officer "refresher" training.   This training is primarily based on training received during their initial 64-hour or 80-hour Security Guard Information Manual (SGIM) certification course.  PSOs approaching their 3-year renewal date, will receive official training orders from FCTA with at least 30 days advanced notice.

National Weapons Detection Training Program (NWDTP) 

The Federal Protective Service has developed the NWDTP to provide improved X-Ray Screener training and increase the overall proficiency of screeners throughout the FPS-contract security program.   Initial training is a 16 hour requirement conducted by FPS instructors.  

An annual refresher training consists of 8 hours, and is also conducted by FPS instructors.  FPS permits PSOs two (2) attempts to successfully pass the NWDTP training.  

If a PSO is unsuccessful after 2 attempts, the PSO will be immediately removed from their contract and may not work on a FPS contact, where x-ray screening is conducted, for a year.  Once a year has passed, the PSO will be permitted to attend the NWDTP course.

Supervisor Training

First Coast Security Solutions, Inc. strongly believes in promoting officers to supervisory roles from within the ranks.  To be a First Coast Security Supervisor takes a unique individual; one that stands out as a leader. Qualified supervisory candidates must not only possess the company's core values, but the skills and knowledge that will make them an effective leader. This 9-hour course provides individuals with industry-proven information and techniques, specifically designed to meet the requirements of this demanding and highly-respected role.

Supervisory candidates are selected by First Coast Security Solutions, Inc. management staff and must be approved by the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) before being assigned to receive this training.


PSOs will receive at least 30 days advanced written notification of their scheduled training in the form of a Training Order.  The Training Order contains all pertinent information, including times, location and training gear/attire required.  Upon receipt, PSOs are required to read and understand their Training Order completely.   

PSOs are required to report to all paid training events on time and in their complete duty uniform (or modified training attire specifically prescribed on their training order.  Failure to appear or report on time may result in disciplinary action. 

In the event that a PSO is unable to attend due to an excused absence or scheduling conflict, he/she is required to contact their Supervisor to reschedule their training.  The Supervisor will be responsible for contacting FCTA to reschedule the PSO's training.

FPS-provided training such as X-Ray Screener Training, is not scheduled or facilitated by FCS, and therefore cannot be rescheduled.  Inexcusable failure to appear/attend FPS-provided training shall result in immediate disciplinary action.