Firearms Training/Testing

FPS Required Firearms Training/Testing

Semi-Annual Firearms Qualification (FAQ)

In accordance with FPS contract requirements, PSOs are required to maintain their firearm proficiency and attend semi-annual Firearms Qualifications (FAQ).  PSOs shall receive prior written notification of their scheduled semi-annual FAQs at least 30 days from the event; and in many cases, 45 to 60 days.  In the event that an officer is unable to attend, he/she must submit a written request to their Supervisor to reschedule the FAQ, no less than 24 hours before the event. The Supervisor will contact the FCTA to reschedule. Failure to properly request to reschedule an FAQ ("no-shows", late arrivals, etc.) will result in default and the officer will be held responsible for completing their FAQ at a pre-approved shooting range, at their expense.

FAQs will consist of:

  • Safety briefing
  • FAQ Walk-through / Q&A
  • Range and Ammunition Preparation
  • FPS-monitored Course of Fire

Your Training Orders will specify the time and location at which you will be scheduled to attend. If you have any questions or concerns about firearms qualifications, please contact the First Coast Training Academy at:

Remedial Training

Any officer that is unsuccessful during their initial attempt to pass the FAQ shall be automatically enrolled in the next available company-provided remedial training class.  In most cases, this class will be held the next day, immediately followed by a second FPS-monitored FAQ.

Remedial training classes will consist of an ICE Course walk-through, basic marksmanship skills review, and dry/live fire practice exercises designed to help improve marksmanship skills.   

If an officer is unsuccessful during their second attempt to qualify, he/she shall assume responsibility for satisfying their FAQ requirement at their expense.


Blue Ridge Arsenal >map<

  • 14725-K Flint Lee Road, Chantilly, Virginia 20151
Blue Ridge Arsenal

Blue Ridge Arsenal

Click on target to review I.C.E. Course

Click on target to review I.C.E. Course

UPDATE: In accordance with the FPS Statement of Work (SOW), we have had to develop a new (and easier)  method to shooting the FAQ.  In short, each time a required reload is to be conducted, shooters will be specifically instructed to do so because it is specifically stated in the SOW.  

For starters, shooters will begin shooting with 51 rounds, not 50.  This is so that they have enough ammunition to correctly perform a magazine exchange behind the barricade (per the SOW).  Until now, they have been asked to perform an emergency reload (wherein the slide locks back). The SOW specifically states "magazine exchange".

NOTE: This new method will take effect in 60 days, beginning May 6, 2015, so print* the updated instructions and start practicing!

*Click the ICE Target above to view the new FAQ instructions in printable format.



Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.