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The mission of the First Coast Training Academy is to support our company's core values of honesty, trust, and stewardship by taking contract training in new directions, far beyond industry standards. 


The First Coast Security logo is a visual representation of our mission.  As a leader in the security industry, First Coast Security continues to set industry standards and take professional security in a new direction. While the compass illustrates our commitment to industry leadership, the four points represent our company's guiding principles of excellence, courage, integrity and professionalism. 


In accordance with the FPS Statement of Work, First Coast Security Solutions Inc. shall provide all required training through the First Coast Training Academy (FCTA).  Most of the classes provided will be conducted at the training facility located at 14100 Parke Long Ct. Suite T, Chantilly, VA 20151.  However, some of the training may be provided on site, at specific locations.  PSOs will receive at least 30 days advanced written notification of their scheduled training. PSOs are required to report to all paid training events on time and in their complete duty uniform.

In the event that a PSO is unable to attend due to an excused absence or scheduling conflict, he/she is required to contact their Supervisor at least 24 hours before the scheduled class time.  The Supervisor will be responsible for contacting FCTA to reschedule the PSO's training. 


In accordance with Federal Protective Service contract requirements, First Coast Security only accepts 3rd Party Training facilitated by FPS-contracted security companies, not security training "schools" and/or "academies".  These organizations are not contractually supported or acknowledged by FPS, and therefore the quality of instruction and supporting documentation are not regulated or required to meet FPS standards.  

Because First Coast Security is able to provide all of the required training and testing prescribed in the FPS Statement of Work, the use of an approved 3rd Party Training Provider shall only be permitted in the event that a PSO is excusably unable to report to his/her scheduled training and the delay of training is detrimental to the contract to which he/she is assigned.  IMPORTANT: PSOs must receive pre-approval from FCTA before attending any 3rd Party Training.  

If a PSO is authorized to attend pre-approved 3rd Party Training due to an unexcused absence, they shall assume all costs and responsibility of submitting the required training documentation to FCTA within 24 hours of completion.  Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

For more information, contact your immediate supervisor to have your 3rd Party Training request properly approved and scheduled.


Copies of training certifications may be requested and granted on a case-by-case basis.   Contact the FCTA by sending your email requests to:



Arrive on time.  Just like a post assignment, students are required to arrive on time for all paid training/test sessions and will sign in/out for each training/test session.  This includes FAQs.

IMPORTANT: Students that arrive late for training and/or testing will not to be permitted to participate, will subject to FCS progressive disciplinary action, and may have to make-up their training at their own expense.

FCTA Classrooms shall be made accessible 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each scheduled class start time. EXAMPLE: Students may sign in/enter the classroom for a class scheduled to start at 0700 hrs at 0645 hrs. 



Unless otherwise specified, students must wear their compete duty uniform and gear to all weapons training events, including the company-issued ballistic vest.

Casual business attire that professionally represents First Coast Security and the FPS, may be worn during American Red Cross and Tri-Annual Refresher training courses.  

Casual business attire consists of: properly fitting pants (no shorts) or tactical training pants (BDUs, cammies, etc.), collared shirts w/sleeves, and closed-toe shoes. Offensive, inappropriate, or tattered attire (with tears, holes, etc.)  during classroom and/or training sessions is not allowed.

Wearing of non-duty hats, hoods and/or sunglasses in class is not permitted.


Food is not allowed in classrooms.  There are plenty of dining options available near the training facility.  See list below.

Drinks - only resealable containers or drinks w/lids are permitted in the classroom.  

NO gum chewing or tobacco products.



Students will act in a professional manner at all times.

Students will be respectful and courteous towards instructors and fellow classmates.

Students must demonstrate integrity at all times and will complete all training on their own merit.

No electronic devices of any kind such as iPods, mp3 players, tablets, gaming devices, laptops, etc. are allowed in the training area during any training sessions.  Mobile phones must be either turned off or placed in "silent mode" during class.

No sleeping in the classroom, even during breaks.

Smoking is allowed only in designated areas outside the training facility.

Any student that is found conducting themselves in a manner that misrepresents First Coast Security or FPS in any way, shall be immediately removed from the training event.


When you come to train at FCTA in excess of 4 hours, you will receive a meal break. You can find countless conveniences and food options within just a few miles of the First Coast Training Academy, including Dulles International Airport and the Dulles Expo.  

Here are just a few of the nearby dining options:

  • Wendy's
  • Burger King
  • McDonald's
  • Subway
  • CiCi's pizza
  • Chipotle
  • Five Guys
  • Ghengis Grille
  • Taco Bell
  • Hunan Cafe'
  • KFC
  • Arby's
  • Red Pepper Grill
  • and more!

First Coast Training Academy is owned and operated by First Coast Security Solutions, Inc.  The content found on this website is for informational purposes and may be subject to change.  Under no circumstances is anything posted on this website to be considered legal advice.  If you want to know more about benefits, union or federal labor issues, it is recommended that you consult your shop steward or seek professional legal counsel.